Walkie-Talkie is an easy to use offline Voice and Instant Message Chat app for iPhone and iPad. No Cellular network is required.
It connects nearby iPhones & iPads and uses any existing Wifi or Bluetooth connection for extended range.

No Wifi? No problem! The multipeer connectivity features in iOS allows peer to peer connections to establish over nearby devices using Bluetooth or ad-hoc Wifi. Range varies 100-200ft depending on obstructions.

Going on holiday with your mates but not sat near each other? No problem, use the App with Airplane Mode enabled and Wi-fi on to stay in contact.

Cycling or hiking or doing some other group activity? Use the Team Speak feature to send hands free voice messages between each other.

7 available channels to choose from within settings. The app automatically connects to users on the same channel.
Choose a nickname to use whilst in the App. Default is iOS device name.




Possible use cases range from Productive, Fun to potentially life-saving!

  • Group camping or jungle tracking in a remote area where there is no reception.
  • Group activities such as Cycling or Hiking can benefit from the Team Speak feature for hands free messaging
  • During a disaster, flood, hurricane, tornado, earthquake etc.
  • Mass protest where there is a possibility the government will cut off the internet.
  • When your monthly mobile data plan expired.
  • During a natural disaster such as earthquake, flood, thunderstorm and etc when all networks and electricity are down – emergency services could setup Wi-Fi to extend Wi-Fi range, allowing rescuers to connect with people in need
  • In an airplane or bus when you and your friend are not seated together.
  • Engineers working in different parts of a building  / comms room
  • End of the world, during a Zombie apocalypse or in a war zone.