Walkie-Talkie is an easy to use offline Voice and Instant Message Chat app for iOS supporting up to 8 users. No Cellular network required.
It connects nearby iPhones & iPads and uses any existing Wifi or Bluetooth connection for extended range.

No Wifi? No problem! The multipeer connectivity features in iOS allows peer to peer connections to establish over nearby devices using Bluetooth or ad-hoc Wifi. Range varies 10-20m depending on obstructions.

If you enable Airplane Mode on your device by default all radios will be disabled.  In order to continue to use the App whilst Airplane Mode is enabled you can selectively re-enable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth (airline permitting).

7 available channels to choose from within settings. The app automatically connects to users on the same channel.
Choose a nickname to use whilst in the App. Default is iOS device name.

Possible use cases range from Productive, Fun to potentially life-saving!
– Chat to your mates offline in the classroom or on the bus

– Engineer voice/IM in confined spaces with no cellular or Wifi coverage | comms rooms

– Communicate with people trapped in collapsed buildings – emergency services could setup public wifi to extend Wifi range, allowing rescuers to connect with people in need


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