Airplane Mode operation

After receiving feedback regarding the functionality of the App whilst Airplane mode is enabled, we thought you should know how to allow the App to continue to work in this scenario.

Enabling Airplane Mode on your device turns off all radios by default (Cellular, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth).  In this state, no App requiring connectivity will work without some extra steps.   Once enabled, you can selectively re-enable Wi-Fi and / or Bluetooth to restore connectivity within Control Centre.  Be sure to check with your airline.

  1. enable airplane mode
  2. open control centre
  3. re-enable Wi-Fi and / or Bluetooth
  4. enjoy!

New version now live

We are pleased to announce that V1.5 is now live.

This is a feature enhancement release with the following changed functionality:

  • Headphones now supported for Voice Chat PTT
  • Background music is dimmed if a voice message comes in
  • Auto screen lock is disabled whilst the App is on screen – keeps you connected to your peers, and also makes you visible to others in emergencies
  • Chat bubble colours received a minor tweak
  • Support for App Store Reviews

Many thanks for your feedback!


Walkie Talkie for iPhone and iPad

Walkie-Talkie is an easy to use offline Voice and Instant Message Chat app for iPhone and iPad  supporting up to 8 users. No Cellular network is required.
It connects nearby iPhones & iPads and uses any existing Wifi or Bluetooth connection for extended range.

It connects to all Apple devices running the same App in the immediate vicinity without being connected to a network. No Cellular network is required.

The App will re-use any existing Wifi connection to connect to peers on the same network, but will also connect devices which are not connected to any Wifi Network as well.

The App can be used like a Walkie Talkie using Push to Talk (PTT) functionality to send voice messages between each other or additionally be used to send textual messages.

Connect with others:

  • Group camping or jungle tracking in a remote area where there is no reception.
  • During a disaster, flood, hurricane, tornado, earthquake and etc.
  • Mass protest where there is a possibility the government will cut off the internet.
  • When your monthly mobile data plan expired.
  • During a natural disaster such as earthquake, flood, thunderstorm and etc when all networks and electricity are down – emergency services could setup Wi-Fi to extend Wi-Fi range, allowing rescuers to connect with people in need
  • In an airplane or bus when you and your friend are not seated together.
  • Engineers working in different parts of a building  / comms room
  • End of the world, during a Zombie apocalypse or in a war zone.

When connected with others running the same App, you can share voice messages by tapping and holding down the microphone and recording.   When you release the microphone your voice message is sent to all connected peers.

Sending a voice message to all Walkie Talkie peers
Sending a voice message to all Walkie Talkie peers

In addition to voice messages, you can use the chat function to exchange messages with others.

No Wifi? No problem! The multipeer connectivity features in iOS allows peer to peer connections to establish over nearby devices using Bluetooth or ad-hoc Wifi. Range varies 100-200ft depending on obstructions.

If you enable Airplane Mode on your device by default all radios will be disabled.  In order to continue to use the App whilst Airplane Mode is enabled you can selectively re-enable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth (airline permitting).

There are 7 available channels to choose from within settings. When the App starts, it will automatically connect to users on the same channel.  Share a channel with your mates.

Walkie Talkie settings page showing the various different channels which can be selected
Walkie Talkie settings page showing the various different channels which can be selected

You can also choose a nickname to use whilst in the App.  The first time the App starts, if you’ve not configured a nickname it will use your iOS device name.  The nickname is used to identify peers sending chat messages.

Walkie Talkie settings page where you can change your Nickname and Channel
Walkie Talkie settings page where you can change your Nickname and Channel

All iOS devices supporting iOS 11 can be used with the App.