Q – How do I get started?

Make sure that everybody has the App installed and set to the same Channel number. You can check and change the channel number within iPhone Settings -> Walkie-Talkie.
If airplane mode is enabled please make sure WiFi and Bluetooth are enabled (see below question).
The distance that the App can connect will vary depending on obstructions and distance from each other etc. Try moving closer until the App connects.

Q – Can I use Walkie-Talkie whilst on Airplane Mode?
A – Yes you can.  Firstly, enable Airplane Mode as normal, this by default turns off all radios on your device.  Then go into Control Centre and re-enable Wi-Fi and/or Bluetooth. Ensure they have a blue icon. Make sure you and your friends have the same Channel number selected in Settings and if it has been changed, restart the App. Screenshots below show the App with Airplane mode enabled, WiFi enabled and a peer connected on Channel 1:

Q – Can I replay the last received voice message?

A – Yes  on the Voice Screen tap the Walkie Talkie App picture above the microphone and the last received voice message will be replayed back to you.

Q – I have got the following alert

A – The App has detected that the Nickname or Channel have been changed in settings since the App was last active.  In order for the new settings to take effect in the Multipeer Connectivity subsystem the App needs to be closed and relaunched


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